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Solar Thermal Distillation Units Are Being Developed In The United States To Desalinate Seawater

2019-09-07 09:53:24

Recently, the American oak ridge national laboratory (ORNL) for the first time fluorine silane super hydrophobic material coated on porous carbon nanoparticles composite graphite foam get super hydrophobic porous membrane, and produce a direct solar heat carbon distillation (direct solar - thermal carbon distillation, DS ‐ CD) tubular device, and USES the solar energy and solar evaporation membrane distillation two kinds of model verification device desalting effect.


Under the solar evaporation mode, one solar radiation intensity and steam generation efficiency under simulated seawater conditions can reach 64%.


In the solar film distillation mode, the black porous carbon composite graphite foam on the outside of the tube absorbs solar heat directly. The salt water in the heating tube generates fresh water vapor.


The steam generation rate under three simulated solar thermal radiation conditions was up to 6.6 kg/ m2·h, and the desalination efficiency was more than 99.5%.


The device has the advantages of simple preparation, low cost and expansibility, and has a broad application prospect in the field of solar thermal seawater desalination.



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