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Metering pump cleaning step

2018-12-05 13:12:07

In the process of using the metering pump, many manufacturers basically use the pump after they are installed. Basically, the pump can not be used at all. In fact, in the case of convenient, the metering pump should be cleaned for a long time. The standard pump is introduced by the standard pump industry. Six points of cleaning:


1. Apply water for about 10 minutes, then empty for about 5 minutes, and make sure that the water in the tube is discharged before demolition is started to reduce the danger.
2. Turn off the metering pump power supply and remove all valve parts. When disassembling, be careful of residual chemicals and moisture to avoid damage caused by injury or splashing of related equipment such as power.
3. Flush the valve and valve parts with clean water.
4. Check the parts for defects, deformation, cracks, etc. If there are any, replace them.
5. Replace all valve parts as they are.
6. Apply water for 5 minutes for testing. If there is crystallization, use crystallization thinner for about 10 minutes, then switch to water for about 5 minutes.

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