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Classification of metering pumps

2019-03-05 10:32:23

1. According to the overcurrent part (1) plunger, piston type (2) mechanical diaphragm type (3) hydraulic diaphragm type
2. According to the driving method (1) motor drive (2) electromagnetic drive
3. According to the working mode (1) Reciprocating (2)Rotary (3) gear type
4, according to pump characteristics (1) extra large base (2) large base (3) middle base (4) small base (5) microcomputer base

Other classification methods: electric control type, air control type, heat preservation type, heating type, high viscosity type , etc.


1. Hydraulic diaphragm 2. Electromagnetic diaphragm 3. Mechanical plunger


First, determine the pressure: the rated pressure of the selected metering pump is slightly higher than the actual maximum pressure required, generally 10 to 20% higher. Don't choose too high, too much pressure will waste energy, increase equipment investment and operating costs.

Second, determine the flow: the selected metering pump flow should be equal to or slightly larger than the process required flow. The use range of the metering pump flow rate is preferably 30 to 100% of the rated flow rate of the metering pump, and the repeating reproduction accuracy of the metering pump is high. Considering the economical and practical, it is recommended that  the actual required flow rate of the metering pump be 70 to 90% of the rated flow rate of the metering pump.

Third, determine the pump head (hydraulic end) material: After the specific model specification of the metering pump is determined, and then select the material of the over-current part according to the properties of the over-flow medium, this step is very important. If improperly selected, it will cause corrosion damage of the medium. Overcurrent components or media leaks contaminate the system, etc. In serious cases, it may also cause a major accident.
Other aspects: When selecting a metering pump, you also need to consider the accuracy level of the metering pump required. The higher the accuracy level, the higher the investment. The metering pump generally has a working temperature of -30 to 100 ° C. The special metering pump has a wider operating temperature range (for example, a high temperature liquid metering pump with a thermal jacket, the delivery temperature can reach 500 ° C).

For the particle size of the medium, it should be less than 0.1mm. For media larger than 0.1mm, the overcurrent structure of the pump can be changed to meet the needs.
For the viscosity of the medium, generally should be 0 ~ 1000mm / s, the special metering pump can reach 6000 mm2 / s, the flow rate of the mechanical diaphragm metering pump is the maximum flow rate measured under the rated pressure (water at room temperature) When transporting, if the pressure drops, the output flow rate will be higher than the calibration.


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