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Ailipu's 12 o'clock

2019-08-03 15:11:25

Ailipu's 12 o'clock / 24 hours
365 days

Child hour and night

The end of the previous day, the beginning of the day after.
At the first hour of the day, the faint lights in the middle of the night guarded the company, and everything became gentle.
Ugly chicken

It is also difficult for the night to resist the Elips sales staff who are going out.
Going on the train, sitting on the bus, screaming with a strong wind, and piercing the silence of the night.
Shishi Pingdan



In the winter night, the neon of the city faded, the flights delayed, and the tired people.
The people of Elippo have the same goal, and the winter night is extraordinarily warm.


Before the sun came out of the horizon, the sky was just bright.
Immediately after the emergence of a red glow on the horizon, it began to slowly expand its range.

Chen Shi · Food Time

The bus carrying the Elips people stopped at the company's door on time to break the silence of the morning.
Get rid of fatigue, forget your troubles, and look at today. The spirit of the morning is uplifting and comes from this.

Shinji Suizhong

Each workshop is filled with the sound of machine operation and the sound of mechanical collision.
The office echoed the sound of typing on the keyboard and the sound of the printer working.
Everything weaved into a beautiful beginning for Elip.


The Elympus dining hall is more suitable for you. A small dragon slowly moves to the cafeteria, and everyone’s face shows a look of expectation.
Afternoon meal in the afternoon, became the return of leisure in the day.


The master is skilled in the operation and transports one piece into the warehouse. Everyone sticks to their position.
Everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Shen Shi

The sky slowly darkened, and large drops of raindrops were scattered from the sky.
The rain in the summer is always so anxious, eager to bring the passion of the workers in the workshop to the last hour of the day.


At sunrise, the day comes.
With a light, with the sunset, with the Elips, I got on the car driving home.

Time · Twilight


The dusk of the grape, the dusk of the purple, and the distant rays of the sun.
I can also meet a few hard-working Emperor people who are working overtime to accompany the darkness of the night at dusk.

Hai Shi

The night creeps up quietly, putting all the sounds into the valley, and everything is silent. The other side of the project is still in progress, the night, but not dark, because the mind is reading the same place, waiting for the next cycle.

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