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The long-term operation of the pump causes the parts to wear out, or the engineering benefits are attenuated, the energy consumption is increased, and the water supply and drainage costs are increased due to poor quality and old pump type.


The pump is a mechanical device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the kinetic energy of the fluid medium to realize the delivery or pressurization of the fluid medium, which is regarded as the heart of modern industry.


Mechanical diaphragm metering pumps have a lot of precautions in use. These problems seem simple, but we must pay attention to them.

Apr 03,2019

China international petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition (CIPPE) is a regular meeting of international petroleum and petrochemical industry.

Mar 26,2019

Ailipu Invites You to Attend the 2019 Chengdu Water Exhibition

Mar 13,2019

Under what circumstances does the metering pump use self-priming aspiration

Mar 12,2019

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Mar 05,2019

What is the noise inside the metering pump

Mar 05,2019

Due to the different ways of using different types of metering pumps, there are mainly the following ways

Mar 05,2019

Classification of metering pumps

Mar 05,2019