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This device has the advantages of simple preparation, low cost and expansibility, and has a broad application prospect in the field of solar thermal seawater desalination

Sep 07,2019

As a wearing part, the suction&discharge valve needs timely replacement.. Let's see how to replace them correctly and quickly.

Aug 24,2019

The diaphragm as a wearing part of the metering pump needs to be replaced frequently. This article mainly describes the replacement method of the Ailipu JWM-A metering pump diaphragm.

Aug 13,2019

Ailipu's 12 o'clock / 24 hours

Aug 03,2019

Troubleshooting of Ailipu JXM-A Metering Pump

Jul 31,2019

The previous issue introduced the maintenance of the pump.

Jul 17,2019

The machine is like a human body, and we need to take care and care.The premise and basis for the use of mechanical equipment is the daily maintenance of the equipment.

Jun 22,2019

The last step after electroplating is dehydration drying. This process is not so complicated and technical in comparison with the previous processes.

Jun 14,2019

Zhejiang Ailipu Technology Co., Ltd. Was Founded In 1997. By Relying On Technological Innovation, Sustained Profitability And Leapfrogging Development, The Company Has Grown Into A Leading Developer And Producer Of Fluid Dosing Solutions In China Over The Past Two Decades.

May 18,2019

The long-term operation of the pump causes the parts to wear out, or the engineering benefits are attenuated, the energy consumption is increased, and the water supply and drainage costs are increased due to poor quality and old pump type.

Apr 08,2019